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A retail experience The customer will never forget

The face of the retail industry is changing; economic volatility and personal spending has forced retailers to think laterally about how to increase their footfall and revenue and the results are evident across the high street. From world-renowned luxury fashion retail houses to long-established, high street brands, the art of enticing the customer and showcasing goods to best effect today remains a quest for ingenuity. AV is the single most creative way to engage customers and inspire their loyalty to the brand.

We’ve helped some of the biggest and most coveted retail brands in the world to reinvent their identities and redefine their consumers’ retail experience. We’ve delivered ground-breaking AV interactivity, dynamic digital displays featuring powerful, tailored multimedia content and catwalk videos that will even show how a chosen garment should be worn. Dramatic large format touch screens and video walls that dominate the retail showroom are left to complete the digitisation of a brand and, ultimately enhance the look, feel and experience that the customer will never forget.

Every facet of the professional retail AV solution is automated and managed by cutting edge control technologies and the entire scheme is designed and styled to sit perfectly with the retailer’s brand and its ethos.

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