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Integrated AV solutions that bring meeting rooms to life

AV brings meetings to life – quite literally. From single meeting rooms to multiple offices, these are the spaces where integrated audio-visual technologies enable organisations to unite and collaborate with colleagues and partners based on site or on the other side of the world. Discreet, stylish, intelligent and with every component harmonised and integrated to automate and control everything from sound, vision and environmental settings, your meeting room AV is one of the most rewarding investments your business will ever make.

A typical meeting room application will incorporate an audio or video conferencing system to link partners around the room and in remote systems, display screens to present all forms of media and an intuitive control system that manages every aspect of the AV solution.

Our innovative management systems make the process of planning and conducting meetings take things even further – our room booking systems ensure multiple meeting spaces can be managed and organised, professionally and efficiently through intuitive room booking software. And now, for organisations without access to conferencing infrastructure, Nexus’s video conferencing management and hosting solutions provide access to video networks, virtual rooms and video conferencing architecture with 24-hour support.

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