Life-changing professional AV systems for hospitals and healthcare environments

Our hospitals and healthcare environments are facing a continual push to meet the demands of a public that expects more but, against a backdrop of budgetary and regulatory constraints, both private and NHS hospitals must balance the need for operational efficiency and customer experience.

Nexus’s audio-visual solutions for hospitals are hard at work in clinical environments and making a huge difference from the patient’s point of entry to their after-care management. From their entrances, dynamic digital signage systems present tailored information, news and wayfinding guidance to visitors and patients and help the flow of movement around buildings become natural and less dependent on human resources. Audio and video conferencing systems enable management to conduct meetings with patients and medical practitioners on site and those telemedicine professionals working remotely.

The use of cameras to support surgical procedures has also led to new applications for video; Nexus’s video and projection systems are already relaying critical three-dimensional images from surgeon to screen to remote training facilities to educate our future medical professionals in real-life hospital scenarios.

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