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The conference space – where AV really gets down to business

The professional conferencing space is where AV really gets down to business. From the sound to the screen to the lighting and control, this dynamic corporate communication stage is never more exciting than when people come together to interact and collaborate. We at Nexus Automation is changing the face of the conference space and helping everyone do better, more interactive business.

Whilst the objective to do business remains the same, the way that organisations choose to conference can vary enormously, depending on available space, whether participants are attending in person or remotely and how future proof the conferencing solution must be. Take sound: nexus is equipping clients with intelligent audio conferencing systems that range from discreet mobile solutions to complex fixed systems that deliver voice and media over IP, DSP audio processing, surround sound, audio distribution and networking. Audio may incorporate hard of hearing, voice reinforcement, transcription, mixing, microphone zoning, PA and paging systems that bring clarity to the conference.

For remote participants and organisations that like to keep an eye on their environmental impact, video conferencing solutions are bringing everyone together in real, face-to-face collaborations that feel natural and effectual. Take video conferencing a step further with telepresence that creates the most realistic conferencing environment available. But it’s not just the talking that makes a conferencing space work. Display screens and large format video walls present and justify, on demand streaming supports and elucidates and, when the talking is done, digital congress networks (DCNs) and voting systems helps to put the plan into action.

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