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Intelligent AV solutions for classrooms and teaching spaces

The classroom is the place where engaging, insightful interaction begins. AV has an innate ability to inspire communication and create a fantastic environment for discussion, debate and learning. Our integrated audio visual solutions have revolutionised educational environments and delivered accessible, collaborative technologies and unique learning experiences that students and teachers love.

Nexus’s professional AV solutions for classrooms usually include high impact display and projection systems for multimedia teaching, smart boards and tablets for interactive annotation and mobile units to enable teaching spaces to share resources easily. Audio systems with a range of inputs from architectural speaker systems to distributed audio streams add to these future-proofed teaching environments and all are managed and automated with simple, intuitive control systems.

Today, schools and colleges are facing pressure to create revenue streams from the wider community, so Nexus Automation is increasingly facing traditionally more corporate solutions, such as video conferencing to create professional resources that are accessible to businesses and other users and help boost the use of classroom and teaching facilities.

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